Parenting Teens Effectively

Parenting Teens Effectively

(Parcsen Loke)


The stigma of adolescence has many parents dreaded the day when their child becomes a teenager. At a loss of what to do, they hold their breaths and hope for it to end as soon as possible.
But adolescence is too precious a phase of your child’s life to just endure. If done right, you will be able to equip your child with the skills needed to succeed in a competitive and often unfriendly world. You will also be able to form a lasting bond with your child way into his or her adulthood. This is why adolescence expert Laurence Steinberg refers to this phase of life ‘the Age of Opportunity’.
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • nurture your teen physically;
  • nurture your teen cognitively;
  • help your teen cope with stress;
  • manage your own emotions;
  • communicate effectively with your teen;
  • connect with your teen emotionally;
  • establish a collaborative relationship with your teen.

Content Creator:

– Parcsen Loke –
Parcsen has been married to his wife Kelly for 30 years and together they have three children (28, 26 and 15 years old). As the Head of the Programmes and Development Department at Centre for Fathering, Parcsen is responsible for designing, developing and delivering programmes and workshops that equip fathers in all life stages to be Effective Fathers.

Session Titles:

  • Who Needs An Empowered Father?
  • Not Old Enough To Drive
  • Brain Power
  • Healthy Essentials
  • Going Crazy
  • Let’s Chill
  • Let’s Connect
  • Let’s Talk
  • Let’s Collaborate



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