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(How to Speak so People Really Listen)

Tentang pembelajaran ini Tidak peduli latar belakang atau pengalaman Anda dalam hidup, Anda dapat mencapai kebesaran. Kursus...

Developing Resilience for Life – SUMO

Description Afraid that your best years are over? Feeling like you’re losing out to younger professionals? Think...

Description Many people do not achieve their fullest potential. Some haven’t the faintest idea of what greatness...

Tentang Pembelajaran Ini Kepemimpinan yang hebat dimulai dengan kepemimpinan diri sendiri. Karena pusat kepemimpinan adalah orang yang,...

Description This is the second part to our course on Why Do Leaders Get Derailed? where we examine 10...


(The Future of Learning 4.0)


(Emotion, Personality & Self-Esteem)


(Am I a Toxic Leader? Managing Toxicity in Leadership)


(Energy Vs Time Management)